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EHS Supervisor Refresher - Health, Safety and Due Diligence (ONLINE 2024)

Environmental Health and Safety

This online module is an refresher course for supervisors, and a follow up to the mandatory EHS Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness and Due Diligence course.
It is designed to remind supervisors of their role in assigning safe work, following up on hazards reported or identified through incidents and in supporting employees in the return to work process, following a workplace injury.

This course is strongly recommended for all personnel who supervise staff or graduate students, and for those who direct activities of staff or undergraduate students. A University of Guelph central login account is REQUIRED for access to the online modules. You will be withdrawn with an external email. Access will be granted within 2 business days of receiving this notification. Once you have access, you are able to complete the module at any time following. PLEASE NOTE: This is an ongoing event and is available year round for all employees.
  • General Safety
More Information:
Christi Cooper, Manager, Agricultural & Veterinary Safety
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Online training
Christi Cooper, 519.824.4120 ext 52049
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