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Consolidated Laboratory Safety Awareness 2024 (ONLINE)

Environmental Health and Safety

This awareness level training session is designed for workers who may enter laboratory environments throughout the course of their work, but are not researchers, students or laboratory personnel.

At the end of this training you should be able to:

- Identify hazardous waste by appropriate U of G tag
- Understand the chemical/biohazardous waste disposal procedures
- Identify typical laboratory hazards and equipment
- Recognize the following terms and provide a brief description of their use: risk group, containment level, basic level laboratory and intermediate level label
- Provide examples of radiation and biohazards
- Describe primary laboratory controls to limit exposure to hazardous materials
- Identify PPE and attire suitable for the alb
- Describe general laboratory emergency procedures
- Identify primary components of the Lab Safety, Biosafety and Radiation programs
- Identify signage and posting seen in U of G Biohazard and Radiation labs.

University of Guelph community including Physical Resources, Campus Safety and Fire Prevention who may enter lab spaces in the course of their work Those conducting lab work are to complete the full Laboratory Safety course.
  • Laboratory Safety
Alicja Zachertowska
Gausiya Khan
Karanvir Virdi
Tara Hargreaves

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