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EHS Farm, Field and Landscape Safety - summer training (Online)
Environmental Health and Safety

This training for summer staff is to be completed following completion of the mandatory EHS Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training.

The Farm, Field and Landscape Safety course has a number of modules to pick from; ask your supervisor which you need to complete.

Modules include

Farm safety - working with animals hazards,
field Safety - for crop research
Landscape Safety - for groundskeepers and RSO
Veterinary clinic safety fro OVC HSC
Tractor safety
Ladder safety
Ticks - review how to prevent tick bites and lyme disease1
Utility Vehicle safety - fro those operating golf carts and gators
A section for specific equipment training: supplier video links, and in-house videos to share

  • Agricultural Safety
Instructor(s): M. Christi Cooper, Manager, Ag & Vet Safety
Format: Online Training
Location: Online training
Contact: Christi Cooper, 519-212-0426
This event requires 2 hours of advanced registration.
Please register before December 29, 2020, 11:00 PM