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EHS Laboratory Safety (IN-CLASS)
Environmental Health and Safety

PLEASE NOTE* - WHMIS training is a prerequisite for the laboratory safety course. This course does not replace the WHMIS training. Minimum 10 participants required to offer the training.

Within laboratory environments across the University community, extensive research is conducted and valuable diagnostic and analytical services are provided. All individuals who work in a laboratory setting need to be familiar with the types of hazards associated with this environment and must receive appropriate training so they can work safely and within the confines of all associated legislation. This half-day seminar focuses on chemical safety in the laboratory while also discussing general lab safety and hazardous waste management issues. The following topics will be discussed:

- applicable legislation and industrial standards
- hazard management including a discussion of engineering controls
(including fume hoods), administrative controls and personal protective
- physical hazards and hazards associated with common lab equipment
- hazards of general chemical classes e.g. flammables, corrosives,
reactives, compressed gases, etc.
- chemical storage
- hazardous waste management
- emergency preparedness including fire safety and chemical spills
- laboratory decommissioning

Eligibility: All faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students who work in research and teaching laboratories
  • Laboratory Safety
Instructor(s): Alicja Zachertowska
Laboratory Safety Officer
Format: Training
Location: 168 Alexander Hall
Date: Tuesday October 6, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM ( 4 hours ) 
Contact: Ext 54270
This event requires 24 hours of advanced registration.
Please register before October 05, 2020, 9:00 AM

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