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EHS X-Ray Safety (online 2020)
Environmental Health and Safety

As a user of x-rays, you must participate in x-ray safety training. Following the initial training requirements, refresher training is required every 3 years.

To facilitate meeting with this requirement an online training with quiz has been developed. Completion of the quiz with a grade of at least 75% or greater, will fulfill your training requirements.

The course will include the following topics:
- Properties of radiation.
- Interactions of radiation.
- Production and characteristics of x-rays.
- Measurement of radiation.
- Biological effects of radiation.
- Background radiation.
- Relationship between technical factors that affect image quality and dose.
- Radiation protection legislation.
- Control of radiation hazards.
- Quality control.

Eligibility: University of Guelph personnel working with x-rays.
  • Radiation Safety
Instructor(s): Karan Virdi, Daniel Cardenas
Format: Online Training
Location: Online training
Contact: x53774